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Single-Ply Membrane Roofing

Single-Ply Roofing To Fit Your Needs

The single-ply family of roof membranes is composed of thermoplastic and thermoset products. Single-ply sheets are factory-fabricated and installed in a single thickness. Single-ply membranes are relatively easy to install on steep or complex roof slopes. In comparison to BUR or MB membranes, they are also very lightweight.

There are six primary methods for securing single-ply roofing systems to the roof deck or other substrate:

  1. Fully Adhered
  2. Ballasted
  3. Mechanically Attached
  4. Electromagnetic Induction Welding
  5. Loose-Laid Air-pressure Equalization System
  6. Protected Membrane Roof (PMR)

At Coating System Solutions, our team has decades of roofing experience and are ready to be your go-to option for your roofing project. Our proprietary solutions assure that your building will save energy, reduces maintenance, and increases the sustainability of your roof. We guarantee only the highest quality and best results for your roofing project.

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Ballasted EPDM Roof - Cincinnati, Ohio

Shows a ballasted EPDM roof with HVAC units, skylights and coping.Has multiple leaks.
Shows the rock off the roof exposing the dirty membrane. Ready to clean.
Shows the coping being flashed. The membrane was primered and we flashed the coping to the membrane 30-40 mils with fibered mastic.
Shows all the seams and field mechanically fastened and flashed with 20-30 mils of product. These pictures do not show the whole mechanical fastening process.
15 Year Material Labor Warranty - The silicone process is completed. 22-25 dry mils.
Note: This cooled the interior of the facility by 18-20 degrees andsignificantly cut their cooling costs

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