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Modified Bitumen (MB)

MB Roofing To Fit Your Needs

In order to make the asphalt more suitable for roofing, it is modified with other chemicals. MB membranes exhibit general toughness and resistance to abuse. They are typically composed of pre-fabricated polymer-modified asphalt sheets with a reinforcement layer. Polymers are added to bitumen to enhance various properties of the bitumen. The quality of MB products is highly dependent on the quality and compatibility of the bitumen and polymers, and the recipe used during the blending process. They are also highly dependent on the reinforcement within the sheet. High quality manufacturers carefully monitor the source of their raw asphalt and how it is modified. 

(CS 600 - Mod-Bit) - Dayton, OH


Mod-bit roof with punctures throughout the membrane for crews backing out of the roof deck due to expansion and contraction. All punctures were repaired and a stain blocker and silicone top coat were installed-eliminating expansion and contraction and creating a leak proof roof system.


System completed with 2.5 gallons per 100 sq/ft of coating for a 15-year warranty.

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