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At Coating System Solutions, our Engineered Silicone Roof Systems are an economical and eco-friendly alternate to re-roofing. They provide a non-intrusive installation for building occupants. Having 88% reflectivity, these systems will also help save on utility costs.

Considered a maintenance repair by tax codes, your investment in one of our engineered systems can be written off in one year. Silicone systems are the only coating system in the industry to withstand ponding water. These systems carry up to a 25-year manufacturers backed warranty. With no two roofs being exactly the same, we will custom engineer the perfect system to fit your needs.

Coating System Solutions offers silicone based roof systems with up to a 20 year warranty backed by the manufacturer. A silicone roof system is the new technology verse old membrane roofs. These systems are a clean, economical and responsible solution for restoring weathered and defective roofs. Silicone systems are non-intrusive to install and are rain safe within 15 minutes of application. Our systems are the solvent-free alternative to replacing weathered roofs, offering proven performance and protection. Systems start at $1.57 per square foot.

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